Agrarian Academic Journal® is a bimonthly international journal from Agricultural Sciences Center at the State University at Tocantina Region of Maranhao aimed at publishing original and unpublished technical-scientific works in the areas of Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Food Science and Technology, Forestry Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fishing Engineering, Aquaculture and related areas.

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Research on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Conservative treatment of Genu recurvatum bilateral in dog – case report. Lygia Silva Galeno, Thiago Martins Souza, Alex Cardoso de Melo, Bruno Martins Araújo, Tiago Barbalho Lima

Most cited

Construction of cocoa quality markets in Brazil. Katianny Gomes Santana Estival, Solange Rodrigues Santos Corrêa, Diego Pierotti Procópio

Parasitoses in family breeding pigs in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. Mary Jane Tweedie de Mattos, Sandra Marcia Tietz Marques, Everton Juffo,  Maicon Ramos, Elissandra Silveira, Vera Lucia Sarda Ribeiro

Occurrence of noni anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum siamense in Amazonas, Brazil. Blenda Naara Santos da Silva, Ana Francisca Tibúrcia Amorim Ferreira e Ferreira, Adolfo José da Mota, Jânia Lília da Silva Bentes

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Myocutaneous simulator for learning suture. Matheus Barbosa Gomes Cruz, Carolina Trochmann Cordeiro, Lidiane de Jesus Silva, Simone Tostes de Oliveira Stedile

Editor´s choice

Effect of near infrared spectroscopy instrumentation on forecasting protein and digestibility of cottonseed. Sueli Freitas dos Santos, Marco Aurélio Delmondes Bomfim, Everaldo Paulo de Medeiros

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Spirocerciasis – a silent disease – systematic review in the period 2010-2021. Giovana Brum Teixeira, Mary Jane Tweedie de Mattos


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